University Interscholastic League (UIL) Constitution and Contest Rules Section 441 (b) (1) states:

(b) EXCEPTIONS: (1) Students may accept reasonable fees that do not exceed local prevailing rates for teaching or coaching activities.

Cole Gaskill (Student Coach)

Note:  All players taking lessons must fill out the Concussion Protocol and WBA Liability Forms.  See WBA home page.  

  • Varsity Letterman - The Woodlands High School
  • Left Handed Pitcher
  • Teaching hitting and/or pitching 
  • Ages 12 and Under
  • Text for Appointment:   713-201-4935
  • $25.00 - 30 minute lesson​​
  • Note:  I am a student athlete trying to earn money for college.  I am not a professional coach and may only accept "reasonable fees" according to UIL rules and regulations.